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Line Editing

This covers all the basic mechanical issues that can crop up in a book: spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, phrasing, typographical errors, formatting issues, word usage errors, and anything else that falls under the category of proofreading.

Copy Editing

This includes the more in-depth things that can interfere with a reader's enjoyment of an otherwise readable book: awkward or wordy writing, overuse of adverbs/adjectives/particular words, long or run-on sentences, showing vs telling, redundancies, sentence structure and flow, transitions, consistency and clarity. Obviously, this includes things that fall into the category of style. It is never my intention to interfere with anyone's style and I make every attempt to offer editing suggestions that will work with your writing style.

The Rest

Everything not covered by the above categories: point of view errors, plot holes, character motivations/reactions, discrepencies in the timeline, logistics issues in the plot, continuity, and so forth. In a non-fiction work, this would include verifying that the flow from one subject to the next is smooth and that your points are logical and effective.

You may choose whatever level of editing best suits your needs and your book. Each level includes the previous ones, as it's nearly impossible for me to do a copy edit without also line editing, and so forth. Click on the Rates link for more information about what each level of editing costs and how the process works.