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What will it cost?

Rates range from $1.00 to $3.00 per 250-word page, depending on the editing job. That's 0.4 to 1.2 cents per word. The rate will depend on what kind of editing you request and how much editing your book requires. A line edit on a fairly "clean" manuscript will fall on the lower end of the scale; a copy edit plus more on a book with technical issues will come out on the higher end.

How do I know you're the right editor for me?

Writing is by its nature a highly personal endeavor. Editing must take that into account. The only way to be certain your writing and my editing styles will mesh is to try it out. I therefore offer a sample edit on up to 10,000 words of your book of 45,000 words or more, or up to 1/5th the length of your short story or novella. This will allow me to determine what the rate will be for the project based on the level of editing you request and how much editing the book needs. It will give you the chance to see if my editing will work for you.

If you decide not to engage my services, there will be no charge for the sample edit. If you choose to proceed, the rate per word quoted for the project will be applied to the entire manuscript (including the sample-edit portion).

What's the turnaround time?

Depending on my workload, I can generally get edits back within two weeks (and often in a week or less). I will let you know the projected turnaround time when we first talk, and set a guaranteed return date when you send me the full manuscript.

How are the edits done?

I use Track Changes in Microsoft Word. You will be able to see my editing recommendations and notes and decide for yourself which ones you choose to take. No changes will be made to the document file of your book without the Track Changes function on. If you do not use Word or if this method of editing won't work for you, we can work out something that will.

What about confidentiality?

Your privacy is important to me. I am the only person who will see your manuscript. I will not share your book or any part of it with anyone.

What genres you do work with?

My primary experience is with genre fiction, in particular mystery, romance, suspense, horror, and science fiction/fantasy, but I have experience of and can work with all kinds of fiction and non-fiction. See the Authors page for a list of authors whose books I have worked on.

How do we get started?

The Contact link on the left of this page will take you to a form you can fill out to get in touch with me, or you can email me at the address on that page. Let me know the genre of the book you've written, what level of editing you're interested in, and the turnaround time you need. From there, we'll make arrangements for you to send me a portion of your manuscript for a sample edit. I'll return the sample edit within four business days with a quote for editing the whole project. If you decide to engage my services, you'll send me the full manuscript and I'll send an invoice through Paypal for 1/3 of the cost of the full edit. The remainder will not be due until I return the completed edit to you and have answered any questions you might have about it.