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You've finished your book and you're ready to get it out in front of an audience.

Whether that audience is an agent, editor, or the reading public, you want them to fall into the world of your book as completely as you did when writing it.

You want readers to remember your characters and your story, not any errors that crept into the work during the writing process. This is where professional editing services come in. It is difficult for writers to find errors on our own -- we're often blind to what's on the page, seeing instead what we meant to be there. I know this from my own writing and from the many years I've spent assisting other writers to edit their manuscripts.

Your book is your creation, the product of your blood, sweat and tears, and I respect that. My job is to provide you with educated, thoughtful recommendations for making your writing the very best it can be. The editing services I offer will help you reach your goal of publication in whatever form you choose, whether traditional or self-published, ebook or paper copy, with a manuscript polished and prepared for your readers' eyes.

Please explore the links to the left to see the services I offer and some of the writers who have used Ravensgate Editing Services. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to use the Contact link to ask.

M. C. Kelly